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lemenfrost's Journal

Hey guys ^^ welcome to my livejournal! You can either call me lulu or lucy doesnt matter really I guess >.>... anyways this is just a place where I put my every day happenings on, but I'm EXTREMELY <--get the point) into writing reviews for movies/dramas/anime so ... I might post some of those every now and then. My other love in life is ebay... so if their's some stuff that I find on sale for a lovely price I might post on here too :D or stuff I bought >.> idk either way ebay = my love. I also play tinierme :DDDD and it just so happens my username is Lemonberry Lulu..convinient eh? well heres a link to it if your interested in joining or already have one!!! You can add me but include a note that your from livejournal


A little about myself now? I am currently a high school student ... I enjoy the colors, red and pink and white. But I like rainbow color coordinated things in life too...so you get to see alot of that. I like lemons and pigs ... hints my name... I also really like the songs "I love the way you lie" "Dynamic" "Airplanes" "nothin' on you" and more :) my interests also include watching k-dramas, j-dramas, anime, c-dramas, tw-dramas! I plan on joining a fansub group to pass the time and be less bored! I'm also into writing fanfic nowadays >.> check out my site?